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TalentLyft Analytics

Let the data show you the way

Having a data-driven mindset is important for better and more informed decision making. With TalentLyft Analytics your hiring teams can track all the important hiring metrics to get useful insights into your hiring strategy and improve accordingly.


1. Discover

Track and monitor real time and historical recruitment data.


2. Analyze

Compare and analyze to get valuable insights on what needs improvement.


3. Improve

Make decisions based on collected insights and measure the impact.

Do you know?

TalentLyft Analytics example

Where do your best candidates come from?

  • Recruitment analytics inbound


    Find out what is the source of your highest-quality candidates. Career site? Social Media? Referrals? Job boards?

  • Outbound

    Do your best candidates come from external recruiters, headhunters or a staffing agency?

How do candidates interact with your career site?

  • Visits

    Discover which pages and job openings have most visits.

  • Clicks

    Measure which call-to-actions are most attractive to candidates.

  • Conversions

    Track how many of your visitors actually apply for jobs.

Are you successful at engaging and nurturing candidates?

  • Email campaigns performance

    Find out how successful your campaigns are in terms of open, click and response rate.

  • Talent pool growth

    Continuously track how your talent pools are growing over time.

How can you make your team and processes more productive?

  • Current hiring pipeline

    Find bottlenecks in your current hiring process and fix them to save time and money.

  • Historical hiring data

    Analyze your past hiring efforts and get actionable insights for future!

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