Go out there and find the best candidates

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Let your employees bring you qualified candidates

Referred candidates are the most affordable and the fastest way to hire. Use your employees’ social capital by inviting them to refer perfect candidates for your open positions.

Invite employees

Choose certain employees or departments to refer candidates.

Receive referrals

Automatically receive referred candidates in your ATS.

Get feedback

Understand why your employees have referred someone.

Analyze results

Find out who is your most productive referee.


Use data to reward your top performers and encourage engagement.

Post on multiple job boards and reach active candidates in a second

Stop wasting time posting the same job on different job boards. We’ll automate that and help you save money.

Job boards

Post jobs on multiple free and premium job boards with just a few clicks.


Use our partnerships with job boards to get discounts on job promotions.

Fill your sourcing pipeline with qualified prospects

Passive candidates make the majority of global workforce. With TalentLyft’s sourcing solution, you can easily search for prospects that match your hiring needs. Find them on LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Github and Stackoverflow and start engaging them.

Use advanced Boolean search operators to find candidates with the exact skills you need.

Automatically add the qualified prospects to your Talent CRM database.

Send personalized bulk emails to pitch the new job opportunity.

Track your email’s performance and your prospects’ engagement.

Rediscover talent you have already attracted

You may already have a perfect candidate in your database - but you don’t even know it! Reduce time and cost per hire by rediscovering candidates that have already expressed interest in your company.

Silver medalists

Reach out to the second-best candidates you previously rejected.

Past applicants

Reconsider candidates that have applied in the past.

Get more visibility on Social Media

Social Recruiting is not an option, it is a must-have recruitment strategy. Build Employer Brand awareness and reach more candidates on their favorite Social Media channels.


Easily share your job openings on Social Media to reach more passive job seekers.


Find out which Social Media channel brings you the best candidates.

Facebook jobs

Automatically post your job openings to your Facebook job tab.

Additional powerful features

GDPR compliance

We make sure your candidates’ personal information is protected and your processes is GDPR compliant.

External recruiters

Invite external partners to collaborate with your in the hiring process.


Always measure the success and effectiveness of your candidate sourcing efforts.

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